Medical Services

Fitness for competitive sports assessment

Fitness for non-competitive sports assessment

Preliminary medical examination

Specialist medical examination for specific issues

Specialist trauma examination or for rehabilitation

Nutrition for sport and wellness consultation

Specialist cardiac examination

Exercise ECG

24-hours ECG monitoring

24-hours blood pressure monitoring


Cardiopulmonary test

Medical and sporting team consultation

Assessment Test

Body composition analysis

Lower body flexibility test

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Y Balance

Explosive lower body strength test (CMJ)

Drop Jump

Single-leg Hop Test

Squat Test

Isokinetic test (Cybex©)

Neuromuscular fatigue test using a Mognoni eccentric press

Maximum lower body isometric strength test

Upper body strength test: bench press and row

V02 max and ventilatory threshold test for running

Anaerobic threshold test for running

Mognoni’s test

High-intensity intermittent test (HIT)

Neuromuscular efficiency during changes of direction test

Sprint test

Heart rate/power test (Conconi) for cycling

VO2 max and ventilatory threshold test for cycling

Anaerobic threshold test for cycling

Peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity test (Wingate®)

Cycling symmetry analysis

Optimising riding position

Cleat positioning

Dynamic cleat alignment (RAD)

Gait analysis

Simplified video analysis (2D)

Training Schedule

Athletic Optimization

Return to play

Methodological training consultancy

Training programmes to improve performance in healthy subjects