Sports Nutrition Service

This provides a complete nutritional consultation to athletes of any discipline, beginning with assessing your nutritional health and optimizing your body composition for specific sports. A customised diet programme is provided, based on the sporting activities (both training and competitive), work, studies and eating habits of individual athletes. In addition, where required, advice on correctly supplementing the diet with special food for sport and/or dietary supplements is provided.

Diet for wellness service

This service is aimed at individuals who are overweight or obese and/or those with health issues (dyslipidaemia, diabetes), who would benefit from specific dietary treatment as well as physical activity. We provide a personalised diet plan based on medical, working and family requirements as well as any physical exercise routines.

Costs and reservations

Sports Nutrition Service:
€ 170 1st appointment (duration 90 min)
€ 120 following appointments (duration 60 min)
€ 80 following appointments (duration 30 min)
The most appropriate duration of the following appointments will be suggested from time to time, but the final choice of both the duration and the date will be left to the athlete.
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Diet for wellness service:
€ 130 1st appointment (duration 60 min)
€ 80 following appointments (duration 30 min)
It is recommended that the 30-minutes appointment (80€) should be limited to control examination executed within some months from the first appointment in absence of radical changes in requests and needs of the client. In case of less frequent control examinations the duration will be 60 minutes and the cost will be 110€. The final choice will be left to the client, also regarding the timeline for the control appointments.
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