Body composition analysis

Lower body flexibility test

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Y Balance

Explosive lower body strength test (CMJ)

Drop Jump

Single-leg Hop Test

Squat Test

Isokinetic test (Cybex©)

Neuromuscular fatigue test using a Mognoni eccentric press

Maximum lower body isometric strength test

Upper body strength test: bench press and row

Heart rate/speed test (Conconi) for running

V02 max and ventilatory threshold test for running

Anaerobic threshold test for running

Mognoni’s test

High-intensity intermittent test (HIT)

Neuromuscular efficiency during changes of direction test

Sprint test

Heart rate/power test (Conconi) for cycling

VO2 max and ventilatory threshold test for cycling

Anaerobic threshold test for cycling

Peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity test (Wingate®)

Optimising riding position

Cycling symmetry analysis

Cleat positioning

Dynamic cleat alignment (RAD)

Gait analysis

Simplified video analysis (2D)