In all sports in which you make lateral movements or changes of direction, it is important to have good levels of strength in the adductor muscles. The Copenhagen is an exercise that can help you strengthen this district without using equipment.

To begin the exercise, the foot is placed above shoulder height. From there, you descend slowly and progressively until you touch the ground with your foot pointing downwards and then climb back up. There are other ways to perform the exercise, for example by reducing the starting height from a box. If you are in the field, on the other hand, you can perform this exercise with the help of a partner.

You can start with 5 repetitions and gradually work your way up to 10-15 repetitions per side for 1 or 2 sets twice a week to enjoy the benefits of this exercise.

Watch the video with an explanation by Federico Donghi, head of the Training Department at the Mapei Sport Research Centre, on how to perform the exercise correctly.