Among those who took the opportunity to put on their skis during the festive season, many will have suffered from sore legs. In view of the ski season, one must prepare oneself adequately and not everyone will have done so. So that we don’t make the same mistake in the future, let’s understand which physical characteristics we need to train in particular.

Andrea Bosio, head of the scientific research department at the Mapei Sport Research Centre in Olgiate Olona (Varese, Italy), explains them to us in the first 2024 episode of the Cubetti di Sapere column.

«Strength and endurance are the first characteristics that come to mind when thinking of the skier, but when preparing for the winter season, particular attention must also be paid to strength and power resistance. Qualities that are partly innate but can be improved with training» explains the expert from the centre that the Italian National Alpine Ski Team skiers skiers rely on.