Often bikefitting is associated with a high-precision operation that professional cyclists undergo to be as aerodynamic and high-performance as possible. In reality, it doesn’t ‘just’ allow you to cut through the air better and be faster, but it also greatly reduces the possibility of experiencing discomfort, pain and even injury even for non-competitive riders.

Finding the best position in the saddle is recommended for anyone who uses a bicycle as a means of transport, recreation or travel. A session with an expert, such as the one offered by the Movement Analysis Laboratory of the Mapei Sport Research Centre in Olgiate Olona, will improve comfort in the saddle all round and grind out kilometres in safety.

«The correct position can prevent pain in the neck, shoulders, lumbar area and knee joint. If you are planning a trip or cycling is part of your daily routine, even for short journeys, I strongly recommend optimising your posture on the bike to ride more comfortably and fatigue less» confirms Andrea Morelli, head of the Mapei Sport cycling section, in the latest episode of Cubetti di Sapere.

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