On Saturday afternoon there were many coach-technicians and operators of the cycling world who participated in the “Youth Cyclists Preparation” conference in Cadorago (Como).

At the meeting, organized by S.C.V. Bike Cadorago in collaboration with the Municipal Administration and Federciclismo Lombardia, were present as speakers: the director in charge and health director of the Mapei Sport Research Center, Dr. Claudio Pecci; the cycling manager Andrea Morelli and the sports coach Matteo Azzolini.

After the greetings of the authorities, the first part of the event saw Andrea Morelli explaining to the audience the importance of the evaluation tests identifying the most used, emphasizing characteristics and peculiarities also based on the age and needs of the athletes.

Matteo Azzolini, in his speech, instead, provided advice on how to train young athletes emphasizing, also graphically, the differences to be taken into account for each age group and between male and female athletes.

Dr. Claudio Pecci thanked the many present by pointing out how Mapei Sport positively evaluates the meetings that help increase sports culture and the correct approach to physical activity.

The event in the Cadorago council chamber room ended with a debate and questions asked by the public to the speakers. On the sidelines of the conference, very satisfied S.C.V. Bike Cadorago president Carlo Sala, once again wanted to thank Morelli, Azzolini and Dr Pecci from Centro Mapei Sport and all the participants, wishing everyone a good cycling season.

Press Release / Luca Galimberti

Photo: Kindly granted by Flaviano Ossola