On 21st May, the Ville Ponti in Varese will hold the “6th Mapei Sport Research Centre Conference: 20 years of research, support and culture for sport”, where the  5th “Aldo Sassi” Research Grant for Sport Science graduates will be awarded.

The call is open from 18/04/2016 and will be closed on 24/06/2016. For further information:

Aldo_Sassi_2016 or visit the site at www.fondazionemai.it

The conference will begin at 9.00 am with a brief introduction from Giorgio Squinzi (Mapei S.p.a), followed by Adriana Spazzoli  (Mapei S.p.a), Claudio Pecci (Director of the Mapei Sport Centre) and Gaela Bernini (Mai Foundation).

The event will include six sessions, four of which will be dedicated to sports (Alpine skiing, Cycling, Basketball and Football), and experts in the various disciplines will be giving talks. One session will focus on the “Aldo Sassi” Research Grant and will include a lecture given by Nicola Maffiuletti, entitled “Acute effects of physical exercise: fatigue vs potentiation”, and the presentation of the 5th Research Grant.

The event will end with a Round Table, in which Dr Squinzi, sport personalities such as Eusebio Di FrancescoAlessandro Frosini and Luca Guercilena as well as athletes from the sports discussed will all take part.

We remind you that registering for the conference is free and mandatory. Please register by sending your details to: segreteria@mapeisport.

You can download the brochure here: locandina 6°convegno