A complicated year is coming to an end. 2020 has put the whole world to the test like few other times in history. The Mapei Sport Research Center takes stock of an atypical season full of challenges, which the staff led by Dr. Claudio Pecci managed to overcome by carrying on their business with professionalism and a sense of proportion.

Despite the difficulties caused by the global pandemic that we still have to deal with, the doctors, trainers and sports technicians of the Olgiate Olona (Varese, Italy) center have managed to guarantee assistance to the many amateurs and professional athletes who rely on their preparation, including players from US Sassuolo, the Italian National Alpine Skiing team, cycling and basketball teams from the top flight. They have launched new services such as the re-athletization of post-injury athletes and the re-evaluation of those recovered from Covid-19 upon returning to competitive activity. They have also published various and qualified scientific researches in the sports field, participated in conferences and held university lectures, although obviously not face-to-face but online.

«Being in Lombardy, the Italian region most affected by both the first and the second wave, we were forced to close in March and April. We did it with awareness and responsibility towards our colleagues on the front line and the many people who were struggling in the hospital. Unfortunately we had to postpone our usual annual conference to 2021, as soon as we can meet in serenity we will organize it because we can’t wait to meet again live with our champions, colleagues and students who await it as a valuable educational experience» comments the medical and responsible director Pecci.

«Back in the saddle, we have never stopped pedaling, following the warning of our president Giorgio Squinzi. To stay close to athletes, we have adopted special promotions, such as the one active until the end of the year which allows those who book an evaluation test to receive a free month of personalized training. Symbolically, this is our Christmas gift for sportsmen and sportswomen who have gritted their teeth in this year of skipped competitions and postponed appointments and want to be ready for the new year just around the corner. To ensure the safety of employees and customers, the center supported by Mapei Group carried out targeted interventions to sanitize the environments and promoted the dissemination of a correct sports culture in every sector of the society, having as a beacon the rigorous scientific approach and an absolute respect for the essential ethical-sporting values that have distinguished Mapei Sport since 1996.