The Mapei Sport Research Centre will take part in the non-competitive relay of the Milan Marathon, which will take place on Sunday 2 April, closely linked to an extensive fundraising programme, which supports solidarity projects proposed by the individual Onlus organisations taking part in the marathon.

The team made up of researchers, technicians and trainers from the Italian centre Andrea Bosio, Marco Martin, Luca Demolli and Gabriele Scalise chose to support the TOG Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up at the end of 2011 that represents a centre of excellence, with a high level of specialisation in the rehabilitation of children suffering from complex neurological pathologies, in particular infantile cerebral palsy and genetic syndromes with mental retardation.

“We gladly and happily face the exertions of the relay race to support the great effort that all TOG operators make every day with their little champions. We put in the physical effort, we are confident that you will support TOG by running with us through a, even small but significant, donation,” comment the runners one month before the event.

Associated with the sports challenge there is a solidarity challenge with the ultimate goal of collecting at least € 1,000 in donations for each team of runners, involving their network and making this experience even more beautiful and choral.

In this regard, anyone who wishes and is able to contribute can donate the amount they wish by clicking on the following link: