Today marks the start of the course for the winner of the fifth “Aldo Sassi” research grant for young Sport Science graduates, an initiative organised by the Giuseppina Mai Foundation in collaboration with Mapei.

Many candidates from across Italy applied. The Evaluation Committee thoroughly examined the CVs and carried out final interviews in July. The chosen winner is: Federico Donghi, who will begin his research project in the field of exercise physiology. The title of his project is “Delayed potentiation: effects in different sports”. The research topic was introduced last year, on 21 May, at the 6th Mapei Sport Conference, thanks to a lecture given by the internationally renowned Nicola Maffiuletti, current Director of the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich.

The research project, which will involve footballers and cyclists, will be conducted by Mapei Sport in collaboration with Nicola Maffiuletti and the results will be presented at the 7th Mapei Sport Conference ,scheduled for 2017.

We wish Federico the best of luck with his project.