01 July 2020

#GetBackOnTheSaddle with Mapei Sport continues also in July. Mapei Sport Research Center supports athletes who have resumed their activity after the lockdown, extending for another month the discount of 20% on the 5 most sought services by the athlete who wants to stay healthy and improve his performance.

VO2max test and ventilation threshold for cycling

V02max test and ventilation threshold for running

Anaerobic threshold test for cycling

Anaerobic threshold test for running

Bikefit: Optimize your cycling position

In view of the resumption of the competitive activity, the qualified staff led by Dr. Claudio Pecci is ready to assist women and men who want to achieve the goals they had set before the health emergency triggered by Covid-19, in a scientific and effective way.

Whatever discipline you practice, you will get the best results only by knowing your body better, your fitness and by relying on experts. In this sense, the VO2max and Mader tests are ideal for providing you with reference numbers that will represent the basis of your training schedule. The first in fact allows to determine the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max, global index of cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency) and the relative anaerobic ventilatory threshold, the second identifies the anaerobic lactacid threshold.

To these laboratory tests aimed at cyclists and runners, the bikefit service is added, a fundamental step for those who have bought a new bike and want to grind kilometers and kilometers in the open air. To ride and run faster than before, book your visit to the Mapei Sport Research Center now. To ensure this promo, before the summer closing, call 0039 0331 575757 or write to reception@mapeisport.it.