16 April 2019

The SFRs, Resistant Strength Climb, are also known in the cycling environment as repeated enhancements. For over thirty years now, they have been a must in the training of professionals and thousands of amateurs. The SFRs were invented by Aldo Sassi in 1983 during the preparation of Francesco Moser’s time record. Andrea Morelli, who grew up alongside Sassi, explains to us how to correctly perform these repeated ascents with “long” gears. To avoid mistakes it is important to perform this type of work on climbs with an average gradient between 6% and 8%, with a certain type of gear ratios and a specific cadence of pedaling. «It is absolutely necessary to work in an aerobic environment and to carefully take care of the intensity, which is fundamental for the effectiveness of the training. I recommend taking them 2-3 times a week in winter and keeping them once every 7 days throughout the year» explains the head of the cycling department of the Mapei Sport Research Center in Olgiate Olona (Varese, Italy).

Watch the full video to learn all the secrets of the SFR: