10 December 2019

Matteo Cervellin, surgeon specialized in orthopedics and traumatology, explains us how to reduce the risk of injury. Physical activity is considered one of the major factors of protection from cardio-circulatory and degenerative pathologies, for this reason the practice is strongly supported as a habit of a correct life behavior, but it is inevitably that the sport subjects to increased risks of injury and pathologies muscle-tendon. We must therefore intervene on the critical factors that lead us to a correct prevention of this risk of injury. «The choice of a sport suited to the physical and mental characteristics of the individual is fundamental, as the attention paid to the terrain, the use of suitable protections and clothing and the choice of the category in which one competes. Equally important is to carry out an adequate training, check the technical gesture and carry out a screening of the risk factors» explains in this episode of Cubetti di Sapere Dr. Cervellin, who in Mapei Sport provides sports orthopedic / traumatological consultancy.


Watch the speech by Dr. Cervellin on the Mapei Sport youtube channel: