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We decided to support Ivan Basso because he has been one of the few to pay, fairly, without asking a reduction of his punishment, in comparison with those – and maybe not only cyclists - who have not paid at all and on the contrary, have continued to ride and perhaps to win. We are convinced that we can not obtain a better cycling simply deleting from cycling the names of the cheaters: nothing can assure us that new generations are better than ours or better than the old ones, we learnt that by experience.

We think that we do not have to deny our help to an athlete who asks our support to go back to a proper cycling: cycling is in a huge situation of emergency – that we had warned ten years ago – and we need everybody’s help to come up. Even of those who have cheated once, if their choice is supported by fair and true reasons.

For these reasons - that we do not expect to be understood and shared by all - at the beginning of February 2008, we have been starting working together with Ivan. Day by day we have been more and more convinced by his willing to go back to races in a fair way and to continue his career in a proper way , answer to his truthful choice, up to now supported by facts (availability to every antidoping analysis, monitoring of the mass-hemoglobin included).

We have given him our trust last February 2008 and now, we are giving him more. The way he has chosen now, with determination, means a signal of authentic change that rises inside cycling movement, and in our opinion, this is very important for professionals, for young riders, but even for the world of cycling and of sport in general.

We are deeply convinced that Ivan, besides his results, will not disappoint us. Time will give us an answer (maybe).

Aldo Sassi
Mapei Sport

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